Game Controls


This article has been updated to include details for Version 11, and may not be accurate to previous versions.

Foundry Virtual Tabletop provides a variety of keyboard shortcuts for interacting with different pieces of the software in different contexts. These keyboard shortcuts not only improve the user experience by making it faster to common tasks, but can also be reconfigured by clicking the Configure Controls button from the Game Settings ( ) Sidebar Tab. At any time, you can revert any keybindings that you have changed by clicking the "Reset Defaults" button on the Configure Controls window. For more information about that, see Keybinds.

This article provides a detailed list of all detail the keyboard shortcuts and their related functions.

At this time, we do not allow the re-binding of mouse functions.

Keybind Configuration Panel
The Configure Controls Application.

Default Controls

This form describes default keyboard and mouse commands used to control various aspects of the Foundry Virtual Tabletop environment. Some controls are only available to a GameMaster user, those are highlighted in light purple.

If you are using macOS, any reference to Ctrl in this document should be assumed to mean Command.

General Game Controls

These controls generally apply across all aspects of Foundry VTT functionality.

Keyboard Controls

  1. Refresh

  2. Reload (Without Cache)

    Ctrl + F5
  3. Close All Currently Open Application Windows

  4. Toggle Main Menu

  5. Toggle Game Pause

  6. Activate Hotbar Slot

    1 2 3 ... 0
  7. Swap to Hotbar Page by Number

    Alt + 1 2 3 4 5

Canvas Layer Controls

These controls apply when interacting with a specific Canvas layer.

Mouse Controls

  1. Select Object

    Left Click
  2. Add or Remove Selected Objects

    Shift + Left Click
  3. Use Active Tool

    Left Click + Drag
  4. Cancel Left-Drag Operation

  5. Pan Canvas

    Right-Click + Drag
  6. Zoom Canvas


Keyboard Controls

  1. Highlight Canvas Objects

  2. Display Actor Sheet of Controlled Token

  3. Cycle Tokens or Reset View

  4. Pan Canvas

    Ctrl +
  5. Zoom In

    Page Up or Numpad +
  6. Zoom Out

    Page Down or Numpad -

Ruler Measurement

  1. Measure Distance with Ruler

    Ctrl + Left-Click Drag
  2. Place Measurement Waypoint

    Ctrl + Left Click
  3. Move Token on Measured Path

    Space while measuring from a Token

Placeable Object Controls

These controls apply when interacting with an Object placed on the Canvas.

Mouse Controls

  1. Select Object

    Left Click
  2. Open Referenced Object Sheet

    Double Left Click
  3. Display Object HUD (If Applicable)

  4. Open Object Configuration Sheet

    Double Right-Click
  5. Move Controlled Objects

    Left Click + Drag + Drop
  6. Bypass Snap-to-Grid

    Drag + Shift + Drop
  7. Cancel Drag Workflow

    Right-Click during Drag
  8. Rotate Object (Slow)

    Ctrl + Mouse-Wheel
  9. Rotate Object (Fast)

    Shift + Mouse-Wheel

Keyboard Controls

  1. Keyboard Movement (Tokens or Tiles)

    W A S D or
  2. Diagonal Movement

    W + D or +
  3. Face Direction

    Shift + W A S D
  4. Delete Selected Objects

  5. Copy Canvas Elements

    Ctrl + C
  6. Paste Canvas Elements

    Ctrl + V
  7. Undo Canvas Operation

    Ctrl + Z

Specialized Controls

These controls apply only during specific interactions.

Token Controls

  1. Place Hidden Token

    Alt + Drop when creating a Token.
  2. Set (non-Owned) Token as Target

    T, or Double Right-Click

Walls Layer Controls

  1. Chain Wall Creation

    Hold Ctrl
  2. Select Chained Segments

    Alt + Left Click
  3. Open and Lock Doors Silently

    Alt + Left Click

Tile Controls

  1. Place Hidden Tile

    Alt + Drop when placing a Tile.

Template Controls

  1. Place Hidden Template

    Alt + Drop when placing a Template.

Drawing Tool Controls

  1. Confirm Drawing Text

  2. Cancel Drawing Text