Folders are available for organizing user created material across most of the application's sidebars. Their function is identical in all place, allowing for quick creation of documents in them, and using drag-and-drop functions to move items quickly.

Creating Folders

The Create Folder button allows you to create a folder in the sidebar/directory where it appears. This will pop up the folder creation dialog, prompting you to give the folder a name (required) and optionally set a folder color. Once created, you can drag and drop documents from the sidebar into the newly created folder to organize them as desired. You can also click on folders to expand them, showing all of the contained documents, or click an expanded folder to collapse it, hiding the contained documents.

Sorting Folders & Content

Folders default to using alphabetic sorting, which automatically sorts all subfolders and items in them alphabetically. By setting a folder to manual sorting, you can click and drag to rearrange folders however you choose. Folders can only be rearranged this way if they are collapsed first.

Top-level Folders contained in a sidebar are always manually sorted.

Creating Subfolders

Clicking the Folder icon ( ) on a folder itself will open the folder creation dialog, allowing you to make a new subfolder. This subfolder works identically to all other folders.

New Document in Folder

Clicking the Create New Document icon ( ) on the folder itself will open creation dialog related to the document type associated with that folder (actors, items, scenes, etc.), allowing them to be automatically placed into that folder.

Folder Context Menu

Right clicking a folder allows you to access a number of specific functions that manipulate the folders and its content. They are: