PF1 Mighty Morphin Mod

An Add-on Module for Foundry Virtual Tabletop

Author: websterguy Project Source: Project URL Versions 11 - 11 (Verified 11.306) Last Updated 5 months, 3 weeks ago

This mod provides functions to help automate polymorph spell effects and size change spells for the PF1e system for Foundry VTT.

Example usage can be found in sample macros in the included macro compendium.

Currently supports buff generation and application of effects of the following spells:

Effects such as Beast Shape include creating attacks, replacing speeds, replacing senses, etc.

Supported Game Systems

  1. Pathfinder 1

    Latest Version: Version 9.6 Last Updated 8 months ago


Available Versions

  1. Version

    5 months, 3 weeks ago
    Foundry Version 11 - 11 (Verified 11.306) Manifest URL Read Notes
  2. Version

    Foundry Version 10 - 10 (Verified 10.291) Manifest URL Read Notes
  3. Version

    Foundry Version 9 - 9 (Verified 9) Manifest URL Read Notes
  4. Version 0.3.2

    Foundry Version 0.8.6 - 0.8.9 (Verified 0.8.9) Manifest URL Read Notes