Release 0.2.7

Version 2 Development

April 17, 2019

Beta 0.2.7 Update Notes

Greetings friends and supporters! I'm sharing another Foundry Virtual Tabletop Beta update a bit ahead of schedule. This new version, 0.2.7, is being released now to address a number of bugs which emerged in the previous version that were not caught. Rather than waiting a normal update cycle (10-14 days) to post an update that fixes these bugs I wanted to address as many as possible and post this update right away.

With this update completed, I'll work on accomplishing a more meaningful feature update with 0.2.8 which I will try to release by the end of April. Thanks to all the testers who highlighted some of the problems in the previous update version. Furthermore, since this update is heavily focused on resolving problematic bugs, this update will not have an early-release period for Council-tier Patrons but rather is immediately available for all Patrons.

Core Bug Fixes

Core Software, APIs, and Module Development