Release 0.3.3

Version 3 Development

July 17, 2019

Beta 0.3.3 Update Notes

Hey everyone, it's time for another exciting Foundry Virtual Tabletop beta update, with version 0.3.3 that adds a huge number of new features and bug-fixes. With 70 issues addressed in this update it is a new record for the largest update (in terms of issue count) ever! This update includes some big new features like Token Actor Data Extension, support for Universal Plug-and-Play which removes the need for port forwarding, group editing for Wall objects, addition of the initial system for Weather Effects, and server-side storage for Fog of War exploration. These major feature improvements are partnered with a lot of helpful bug fixes and API improvements.

Thank you all for appreciating my work, providing thoughtful feedback, and encouraging me to do even more. As always, please keep an eye on the development progress board here for visibility into what features are in progress and coming up next!

New Features

Core Bug Fixes

Core Software, APIs, and Module Development

D&D5e System Improvements