Release 0.3.7

Version 3 Development

September 14, 2019

Beta 0.3.7 Update Notes

Hi everyone. This update is a bit less conventional in that it is a small bugfix focused update to address some small errors which were introduced in the 0.3.6 update. I will be taking a much needed vacation for the next two weeks. During that time I will be working (a little bit) on some new VTT features, but I didn't want to wait to make these bug fixes available since they can correct a couple of small problems

Thank you all for appreciating my work, providing thoughtful feedback, and encouraging me to do even more. As always, please keep an eye on the development progress board here for visibility into what features are in progress and coming up next!

Core Bug Fixes

Core Software, APIs, and Module Development

D&D5e System Improvements