Release 0.8.5

Version 8 Testing

May 21, 2021

Foundry Virtual Tabletop - Version 0.8.5 Update Notes

Release Notes for the Foundry Virtual Tabletop 0.8.5 version
Welcome to the Foundry Virtual Tabletop update notes for Release version 0.8.5.

Welcome to the third beta channel update in the Foundry Virtual Tabletop 0.8.x series! We're getting ever closer to the exciting release of the stable version for 0.8.x! This update focuses on primarily on fixing reported bugs from the 0.8.4 update and strengthing the code that will become the stable version. This update solidifies a number of the core features that were the focus of the 0.8.x series of updates, including a restructuring of the data model to provide a more standardized API, an overhaul of the audio engine Foundry VTT uses to supply playlists and ambient audio sources, the popular community-voted Overhead Tiles system, and many other awesome features.

WARNING: Beta channel releases have the potential to introduce breaking bugs that may be disruptive to play. These features are close to ready for a stable release - but likely to still include some bugs and incompatibilities which may frustrate you. If your game in particular relies upon a large number of add-on modules, it would be best to wait for the stable release.

If you are upgrading the Foundry Virtual Tabletop application to 0.8.5 from 0.7.9 you must perform a fresh installation of the software. Because of some of the infrastructure changes it is only possible to update to this version from within the Foundry VTT application if you are already using 0.8.0. This does not apply to users running dedicated servers with Node 14+.

As always, before any significant update:

Be certain to carefully back up any critical user data before installing this update.

As we get closer to a stable release, our updates include fewer major changes to features in order to focus on stabilizing what we have created.

Update Overview

This update primarily focuses on handling community reported bugs and addresses a few more critical issues that showed up in testing. In addition, it implements a few minor API improvements to help our awesome community developers keep momentum in the updates of their systems and modules for 0.8.x compatibility.

Known Issues

Audio/Video Chat integration using the built-in EasyRTC server is currently non-functional. Other methods of Audio/Video chat such as Jitsi should not be impacted. We hope to have this issue resolved in the next release.

New Features

Interface and Applications

API Improvements

Documents and Data

The Game Canvas


Localization Improvements

Bug Fixes

Documents and Data

The Game Canvas

Interface and Applications

Dice System