Pathfinder 2e Bardic Inspiration

An Add-on Module for Foundry Virtual Tabletop

Author: excalibeur Project Source: Project URL Versions 10.286+ (Verified 11.315) Last Updated 5 months, 1 week ago

Pathfinder 2E Bardic Inspiration

NOTE: Use version 1.4.0 or later if you have the PF2E remastered spell changes in your world. Versions 1.3.0 will not work with Inspire Courage and Inspire Defense since they have been renamed.

Adds a new sub-menu to the token HUD for bardic inspiration. Selecting the sub-menu will open a menu similar to the status effects screen. Mousing over the effect options will cause a title to appear with the effect name.

Selecting an effect option that is inactive (has no yellow border) will attempt to apply it to the character. It will also attempt to cancel out other similar effects. For example, selecting Inspire Courage will attempt to deactivate Inspire Courage +2 and Inspire Courage +3. The effects will be applied for an unlimited duration, so they must be manually turned off during combat as turns elapse.

Selecting an effect option that is active (has a yellow border) will attempt to cancel the effect if it is active.

Supported Game Systems

  1. Pathfinder Second Edition

    Latest Version: Version 5.13.4 Last Updated 8 months ago


Available Versions

  1. Version 1.4.0

    5 months, 1 week ago
    Foundry Version 10.286+ (Verified 11.315) Manifest URL Read Notes
  2. Version 1.3.0

    1 year ago
    Foundry Version 10.286+ (Verified 11.305) Manifest URL Read Notes
  3. Version 1.2.1

    Foundry Version 10.286+ (Verified 10.289) Manifest URL Read Notes
  4. Version 1.2.0

    Foundry Version 10.286+ (Verified 10.286) Manifest URL Read Notes
  5. Version 1.0.0

    Foundry Version 0.8.6 - 0.8.9 (Verified 0.8.9) Manifest URL Read Notes